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Welcome Joanne's page


Name: Joanne Bailey

Competed in:
Miss UK placing 2nd and Miss York placing 1st

Birthplace: Lancaster, England, UK

Height: 5'3

Vital Stats:


Chest 36"

Biceps 13" 

Quads 23" 

Calves 13"

Hair: Long Brown

Eyes: Greeny/Blue

Off-season weight: 9st.8lb

Contest weight: 9st

Fave Foods:
Sunday roast

Horses, dogs, cats and playing rugby league

Fave body part to train:

Most hated body part to train: Biceps

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All photographs and information provided by Joanne Bailey personally and are all copyright's in her name. If found used without consent action will be taken.

A bit about me:
I first had seen a picture of Cory Everson and I loved the look.  I like to be a different shape of the average female. 
I love to sculpture my body to how I like it.  I enjoy having the strength and power that an average woman does not have. 
As men go, they either love us, or they hate us, but most love us..
Go on be different!

Workout days/body parts:
Day 1: Chest / Biceps 
Day 2: Legs / Shoulders  
Day 3: Back / Triceps

If you would like to E-mail Joanne :

Please Note: Any E-mails that are seen as abusive or offensive will be reported and acted upon. Please RESPECT these women, they are serious about their training and deserve your respect. If you disagree then you have visited the wrong web site. Thank You