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Ruth Gimenez


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Welcome to Ruth's page


Name: Ruth Gimenez

Compete in:  Bodybuilding

Birthplace: Mendoza, Argentina

Height: 56

Vital Stats: 35-24-36

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Off-season weight:

Fave Foods:
Sushi, Surimi Salad, Rice, Beans

Outdoor sports, swimming, going to the beach

Fave body part to train:


Most hated body part to train:






All photographs and information provided by Ruth Gimenez personally and are all copyright's in her name. If found used without consent action will be taken.

A bit about me:

I was born in Argentina, but I moved to the U.S. and studied High School here, and it was when I found my passion for sports. I practiced many of them like wrestling, cross-country, Softball, as well as weight lifting. I was not willing to be muscular back then, but I enjoyed the feeling of getting lean and strong, since then Ive been doing my best in order to go to the gym at least 5 times a week, doing cardio and eating healthy.


I see bodybuilding as a personal challenge, nothing would happen to me if I skip, but I cant let that happen, I cant stop trying to improve myself.

Workout days/body parts:

Mondays and Thursdays: Chest, Shoulders and Triceps


Tuesdays and Fridays: Back and Biceps


Wednesdays: Legs

Past achievements:


     Nacional de Fisiculturismo de Argentina (1992) Third place


     Regional Rio de la plata (1992) First place


     South-Eastern Usa Jr. Nationals Bodybuilding (1994)


     South Florida Bodybuilding Championships (1995)


     South-Eastern Usa Jr. Nationals Bodybuilding (1995)

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