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Welcome to Gina's page


Gina Farnsworth

Date of birth:

A young; 34 (13th-Aug-1967)



Perth, Western Australia


5' (and half an inch - hey, every little bit counts!)

Vital Stats:

32-23-32 (in shape) 

34-25-34 (outta shape) 

Biceps 12 inches

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Off-season weight:

115-118 (have been as high as 122)

Contest weight:

108-113 (depends on what I am dieting for)

Fave Foods:

Cheat-Mexican, Ice cream, breads  

Non-cheat brown rice, whey powder, chook (skinless breasts), grilled fish


Sun, Surf, Sand and SHOPPING  J

Fave body part to train:

Generally I enjoy all my weight training. No particular favs..Hmm, Maybe chest?

Most hated body part to train:

Just dislike doing cardio!







All photographs and information provided by Gina Farnsworth personally and are all copyright's in her name. If found used without consent action will be taken.

A bit about me :

Gina started out as a competitive gymnast. From the age of 7 through her mid teens Gina was a competitive gymnast. She retired from gymnastics at the young age of 15.


However, after taking a few years off, she realized she missed the training and competitive atmosphere of it. So she decided to join a gym. In 1992 she visited Began weight training center. She says she had often noticed how some of the women looked back then in the Muscle and Fitness, FLEX and Muscle Builder Magazines, so when she went to the gym to join, she met Sue Martin (Miss Australia in the late 80's) who told her she had great genetics for bodybuilding. So, with encouragement from her and lots of addiction was born!!!!

Past achievements:

My best is yet to come I thinkalthough, competing back home at the Australian Nationals was cool and I guess winning two state titles was a wonderful achievement that I am very proud of.

I was also a top gymnast and a top field hockey player!

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