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Welcome To Jaymie's Page


Name: Jaymie Piper

Competed in:
Powerlifting , hoping to cross into fitness/ all natural Bodybuilding

Date of birth:

Lowell Massachusetts

Height: 5'1

Vital Stats:
Shoulders: 42in

Quads: 23in

Calves: 14 ½ in

Biceps: 13 ¼in

Forearms: 11in

Neck: 14.5 in


Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Off-season weight:

Contest weight:

Fave Foods: Chicken, Turkey, PIZZA, Ice Cream, Italian Foods and Greek Foods.

Hobbies: Powerlifting, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Running, Football, La Crosse, Wrestling, Fighting, School, going to the beach, Relaxing, basically staying fit and healthy


Fave body part to train:
Legs, Mostly Calves  and Quads.. The rest is kind of a pain, and Shoulders

Most hated body part to train:
Back and Bi's








All photographs and information provided by Jaymie Piper personally and are all copyright's in her name. If found used without consent action will be taken.

A bit about me :
I began working out in March 2001 just to lose weight, and my friends mother introduced me to her friend who is now my present trainer about 7 months ago when I actually started powerlifting, and since then all I have wanted to do is get bigger and stronger. Its become a major part of my life, and will continue to stay that way. Since I started Powerlifting , I have competed in 4 Meets,  my first meet I benched 120lbs and at my last meet I benched 160. I have moved up since then and my bench now rests at 170 hoping to get it up to 180- 185 for my next meet in August. I havent competed in the deadlift or squat yet.  My deadlift is around 300lbs and Squat about 230lbs. I have set world records, and state records for my age and weight class and I plan to continue for a while. My Ultimate goals are too be successful with powerlifting and fitness competitions in the future, and my dream is to be a WWE DIVA.
I am a High honours student. I am going into my sophomore year of high school; my favourite subjects are Algebra and Biology. I also love Phys Ed class. I plan to go to college and become a Mathematician, and I want a degree in Physiology. I do play some sports I did give most of them up for lifting, I used to play basketball and track n field. I gave basketball up and now I just participate in Volleyball. I am also part of the Latin Club. (Latin the most confusing and most ridiculous language ever created!) And all my Teachers Love me!

Workout days/body parts:


Tuesday: Back and Bis/ Cardio

Wednesday: Light bench night 

Thursday: Triceps/Cardio  

Friday: Legs/Cardio/forearms

Sat: Day Off

Sunday: Heavy Bench

Past achievements:
Feb 9th 2002 Mass Attack Bench Bash  First Place in Juniors and 3rd place in Womens open with a bench of 120lbs
March 3rd 2002: Connecticut APA Bench Bash Set World Record / Mass state record of 135lbs for 13-15 teen girls in 123s Took first Place in Lightweights
April 13th, 2002 Worlds in Lebanon, NH Set World Record/ Mass State record of 140lbs in 123s teen 13-15 First place in Teen division.
June 23rd 2002  Connecticut APA Bench Bash set World and Mass State record of 160lbs in the teen 13-15 123s . First Place in Lightweights, and Best Lifter Award.
WBZ News 1030 : Sports Profiler Star of the Week.