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Welcome to Jeni's page


Name: Jeni Hanson

Competes in: Figure

Date of birth: 21st-May-1981

Birthplace: Edina, Minnesota

Height: 5’3

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Off-season weight: 123 Ibs

Contest weight: 115 Ibs

Fave Foods: Anything chocolate!

Hobbies: Working out, hanging out with friends, movies, and shopping.

Fave body part to train: Legs

Most hated body part to train: Abs


Past achievements:


UCA All-Star Cheerleader


Honors Graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison


2005 NPC Gopher State Classic Women’s Figure Short Class and Overall Winner

2005 NPC Mr./Ms. Minnesota State Bodybuilding and Fitness/Figure Championship Women’s Figure Short Class and Overall Winner





All photographs and information provided by Jeni Hanson personally and are all copyright's in her name. If found used without consent action will be taken.

A bit about me:


Being a dancer since the age of three, a cheerleader in high school, and a choreographer for a few years after high school, I wanted to find a new ambition and goal to focus on after graduating from college.  I attended an amateur Bodybuilding, fitness and figure competition in November 2004 and decided that I wanted to compete in the figure division in the future.  I found a local National Qualifier competition in Minnesota and began my training in January 2005.  I won the Women’s Figure Short Class and Overall titles in my first show, The 2005 NPC Gopher State Classic in April.  I then wanted to focus on a more prominent show to determine the level of my capabilities.  I subsequently competed and won the Women’s Figure Short Class and Overall titles in my second show, The 2005 NPC Mr./Ms. Minnesota State Bodybuilding and Fitness/Figure Championship, in June.

Workout days/body parts:


Pre-contest workout consists of:


Monday: Chest, biceps and cardio


Tuesday: Calves, abs and cardio


Wednesday: Legs (quads)


Thursday: Shoulders, triceps and cardio


Friday: Calves, abs and cardio


Saturday: Back, hamstrings and cardio


Sunday: Calves, abs and cardio


Off-season workout consists of:


Monday: Shoulders, triceps, abs and cardio


Tuesday: Cardio


Wednesday: Back


Thursday: Abs and cardio


Friday: Chest, bis and cardio


Saturday: Quads, hamstrings, and calves


Sunday: Cardio